Traditional Midwest attitudes have created a workforce that understands a hard day's work for a good day's pay. Our average labor cost is well below both the national and state average. For a more detailed breakdown of Macon County's workforce, click here.   Wage Rate Chart

For average wage rates for industry professions in Macon County visit our Wage Rates page.

Assistance is available through the Missouri Career Centers in finding the right employees to meet your needs.

Customized training programs help determine the type of training your employees need and also can assist with the costs associated with initial or updated training.

Available labor is in abundance with 89,360 workers available within an hour drive. We work hard to train employees through innovative programs offered by the University Extension Service, Macon Vocational/Technical School and the Missouri Customized Training Program. Major employers take advantage of these training programs to build a workforce second to none.

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